How do you achieve a brow lift with Botox?

To achieve this very nice effect, Botox is carefully injected in the correct areas between the brows. If to much is given, you can get a brow droop which is exactly what you don’t want. Dr. Khan creates a beautifully shaped brow lift with his injection technique he...

Can I use my talk to slim my jaw?

Yes you certainly can. Botox is injected into the masseter muscle of the jaw which thins it out and gives you a slimmer appearing and better looking lower face. The good thing about this injection is that it can last up to six months.

Can Botox be given to the lower face?

Yes it can. It works well to treat the gummy smile, to lift up the angles of the mouth, to help with the orange peel look of the chin, to help with mild jowls, to help with vertical lip lines, and to reduce neck bands.